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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the frequently asked questions page. I try to cover most questions I receive during consultations and meetings.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Currently, I use Canon SLR cameras and camcorders to video record weddings, bridals, and engagement stories. My “A” camera is a Canon XA-30 professional camcorder. The “B” cameras include a Canon 5D Mark II and two Canon 7Ds with a variety of SLR lenses from super-wide to 200mm telephoto. Soon, I will add a couple more Canon camcorders for additional ceremony coverage.

For audio recording, I attach wireless lapel microphones to the groom to capture high quality sound during the ceremony. Additionally, I use shotgun and area microphones to record additional audio throughout the wedding.

Most of my cameras are attached to stabilizers or shoulder rigs.

Low light situations are handled through super light-sensitive cameras and adjustable LED off-camera lights.

Details available by request.

Do you have a ceremony-only video package?

Yes, we can custom-design just about any package to fit your budget and time needed on your wedding day. Please inquire for the latest package prices.

Do you provide the raw video footage?

Short answer, no, I do not provide raw video. When you hire me to film your wedding or any part of it, you’re hiring my personal experience and skills as a videographer/cinematographer. Therefor, all videos you see from me will be polished, checked, and distributed in a manner that flatters you and demonstrates my professional ability. I spend an extreme amount of time syncing audio, stabilizing video, editing, color-correcting, and much more to provide you the cleanest and most professional final video I can with the technology I have.

What’s an Engagement Story?

Our exclusive Engagement Story is a cinematic twist on the traditional engagement photo session. I set up a time to meet with you (the couple) at a particular location (usually symbolic to your relationship) to film you two having fun, enjoying some time together, and really just being you. I also capture your audio/video in a documentary-style setting where you get to dish on each other, tell your story of how you met or got engaged, funny stories, and more. I will then combine the footage into a film story you can share with friends and family.

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