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Christie & Matthew’s Engagement Story

I am very blessed with that I have the most amazing wedding clients ever. Back in March (this year), I had the opportunity to sit down with (well, they sat, I stood by the camera) Christie and Matthew separately as they detailed the start and the lead-up to the ultimate climax of their relationship. During this time, I get the rare chance to hear the story of their relationship from both perspectives. This is my absolute favorite part of being a wedding videographer.

Watch the video below.

Watch Christie & Matthew’s Engagement Story

See? Isn’t that wonderful?

I get to listen to each of their stories and piece them together. In the end, it always amazes me how in-sync the stories become. Sometimes, we get a little chuckle out of inconsistencies, but other times, they are right-on-the-money. Christie and Matthew have already expressed their love for the film (which is always awesome and comforting) and I hope everyone who views their engagement story will love it, too. Cheers to the happy couple.

NOTE: All photos shown are pulled from the video. Check out Christie and Matthew’s engagement photos through their photographer, Christina Truelove.

Location: Buffalo Valley Event Center Denton, TX
Photographer: Christina Truelove Photography
Videographer: Aurora Films

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